3 Options For Your Old Jewelry

If your jewelry box is overflowing with pieces of old, unwanted, or broken jewelry, it is time to clean your jewelry box out. Don't throw your worn out pieces of jewelry in the trash; instead, explore three ways you can make your old jewelry work for you. 

1. Sell Your Jewelry to a Diamond Broker

If you have valuable jewelry that is in wearable condition, you can sell it and put money in your pocket. However, you want to make sure that you receive as much money as possible for your jewelry and sell it safely. One way to accomplish both of these objectives is to sell your jewelry using the assistance of a diamond broker.

A diamond broker helps you find potential buyers for your jewelry. Instead of having to meet with an assortment of prospective buyers and handle multiple sets of negotiations, you can outsource this task to your broker. Your broker will facilitate negotiations and ensure that you receive payment via a reputable means. 

There is a fee for selling your jewelry via a diamond broker. The fee varies depending on the broker; some charge a percentage of your jewelry's final sale price, while others charge a flat rate. Many jewelry buyers find that the fee is worth paying. Using a diamond broker makes it more convenient and less time-consuming to sell your jewelry.

2. Have Your Precious Stones Re-Purposed Into New Jewelry

Perhaps some of your jewelry has valuable stones, but you no longer enjoy the look of the piece. You can re-purpose your precious stones and use them to create entirely new pieces of jewelry that you want to wear. Or, if you think you have enough jewelry, you can have a gift created for a loved one.

For example, assume you have a promise ring from an old boyfriend. The ring contains a glittering diamond. Use the diamond in a new piece, such as a necklace or brooch. 

3. Sell Your Jewelry for Scrap

Over time, it is common for jewelry boxes to overflow with earrings missing their match or tangled necklaces. If you have jewelry that is no longer wearable, you can sell the jewelry for scrap value. Search for a broker who specializes in purchasing old, unwearable jewelry. The amount of money that you receive for your jewelry will depend on the weight of any metals, such as gold or silver. 

Shop around and get offers from multiple buyers to ensure you get top dollar for your pieces. For more information on how to pawn diamond rings, contact your local jewelry broker.