Locked Up? Two Reasons Why You Should Get A Bail Bond

Landing in jail is something that no one really plans for. Maybe there was an unknown warrant out for your arrest when you were pulled over for speeding. Or, you might have been busted for driving under the influence (DUI) at a time when you shouldn't have been behind the wheel. Nevertheless, you are now locked up and need to think fast to get out. Now is the time for you to get on the line with a bail bonds agent immediately.

Bail Bonds Keep You From Involving Friends & Family

Although some people believe that you should always call a friend or family member when you need help getting out of jail you might want to think again. Involving the individuals you care about in your personal business could turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes you've made.

Imagine if a good friend were to loan you the bail money in order to get you released. If you fall on hard times and can't get the funds right back to them it can cause a terrible rift in the relationship. Few things have the ability to ruin a friendship like money matters; this is even truer if the person you get the money from really didn't have it to spare.

Going through a bail bonds agency allows you to gain your freedom without your family even having to be aware of the time you spent in jail. You'll be preserving both your relationships and your reputation.

Bail Bonds Agents Accept Collateral

If you aren't able to produce any money to secure your bail, you may be able to talk to a bonds agent about using some form of collateral instead. Not everyone has disposable income, but if you have something of value the bonds agent may accept it as a replacement.

The deed to a piece of property, a family heirloom, classic artillery, and even historic artwork are just some of the items you may be able to use for collateral. If you're able to show proof of ownership the agent can accept the collateral -- just be sure to attend all of your court dates so you'll be able to collect your goods at the end of the process!

Securing your release through a bail bonds agent is typically quick, easy, and painless. If you find yourself behind bars, get in touch with a bail bonds agent right away.