Questions You Might Have If You Are in Jail and Need a Way Out

Being stuck in a jail cell for even a few hours can be uncomfortable, frustrating, and embarrassing, but this is the result of an arrest. The good news is that you might not have to stay in jail for a long time. Most court systems allow inmates a way out. Are you interested in finding out how you can get out of jail by paying bail? Are you wondering if you need a bail bond agent to get released? Here are some of the questions you might have if you are in jail and need a way out.

How Do You Find Out Your Bail Amount?

The first thing arrested individuals want to know is how they can find out their bail amounts. In most situations, you can find out in one of two ways. The first way is by asking the jail. The jail might have a schedule they use for bail amounts, and they can tell you the amount based on this schedule. Other jails and situations require going to court to find out the amount. If you must find out in court, you will have to stay in jail until your arraignment hearing. Fortunately, this hearing typically occurs within a day or two of your arrest. If your arrest took place on a Friday night, you might have to wait a little longer because of the weekend.

What Are the Options to Pay the Bail?

The next question you might have is what your options are for paying the bail. You can use one of two main options to pay your bail to get released. The first is to pay cash for the bail. If the bail is low enough, you might have the cash to use for it. If the bail amount is more than you can afford, you can contact a bail bond agent. You can pay a fee to the agent in return for the agent paying your bail.

What Are the Requirements for Being Out on Bail?

If you get out of jail on bail, you will have requirements to follow. You can learn more about these by talking to the bail bond agent, but one is that you must attend every court hearing for the criminal case.

If you want a fast and straightforward way to get out of jail, contact a bail bond agent. The agent you speak with can get the process started and help you get out of jail quickly. You can contact an agent in your area to learn more.